About PeopleStaff

What We Do

PeopleStaff specializes in the recruitment and placement of Enterprise Software Sales, Presales, Customer Success and related talent. In addition, we have a deep experience in the placement of PeopleSoft / Oracle talent. We offer recruitment services as noted below:

  • Contract recruiting (per time, project, or other) to help or manage all phases of recruitment efforts
  • Retingency¬†(contract recruiting with incentive per hire)
  • Contingency recruitment (pay only when you hire)
  • Retainer recruitment
  • Talent marketing
  • other – what works for you ¬†Contact us

Who We Are

PeopleStaff was founded in 1988 by Rick Zabor and trademarked as “PeopleStaff” in 1994 when we built a strong PeopleSoft placement practice. As the enterprise markets have matured we have directed our efforts to building strong Software Sales (and related) talent pipelines. While every search different, our talent pipelines allow us to continually focus on developing relationships with the industry’s best talent so that we can deliver the best and brightest in a timely fashion.

We pride ourselves on our industry expertise and our ability to make good matches for the client company and the candidates we recruit. You will be happy with the results.


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be a good technology recruiter but it doesn’t hurt.

Rick Zabor - President

Rick Zabor – President

Rick Zabor founded Leader Institute, Inc. in 1988 and trademarked as PeopleStaff in 1994. Rick is a former engineer / scientist but also has had roles in education and sports coaching. Rick graduated with a BS Physics and an advanced degree in Engineering. He has been placing talent for technical and tech business markets since 1987.

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