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How We Help Hiring Managers

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Some things a Manager can do for better recruiting

The purpose of hiring should be get work done. The best hiring starts with a full understanding of the work that needs to be done and then to identify, qualify and hire a candidate that will do the work. If you don’t understand the work to be done then you lower the chance of hiring the best fit candidate for the position.

Making good hires is a complex process so simplifying the start will set the process for a better result. Every job position can be defined by the sum of tasks to be done, the environment it will be done in, the availability of tools to do the work, and what is to be delivered. If the manager understands these variables, she or he will have a fuller understanding of framework needed to make a good hiring decision.

If possible ask an incumbent of the position to create a list of their tasks and then edit that list as appropriate for the job you intend to fill.  Such a list can be the basis for employee reviews and helpful when you need to re-task and manage your group.

Creating a task list and using it to understand the job will help you make better hires by providing a framework for evaluating every candidate you consider. By focusing on a candidate’s ability to do the work rather than on a candidate’s ability to win the job is an important step in making good hiring decision. Find candidates that can do the work, will do the work, and it will be good employees.

Getting off to a good start is most important for a successful outcome. A good recruiter should work with you to understand and define the position as well as your needs and expectations. The result should be an accurate and attractive job description that when posted in the right places will get the results you need.

A good recruiter should be able to present a short list of qualified and interested candidates within a reasonable period of time and guide you through the interviewing and hiring process to help make a good hire possible.

Job posting is an important part of the recruitment process but not the only part. If fact it rarely gets to the best and the brightest BECAUSE THEY AREN’T LOOKING FOR A NEW JOB! Ongoing professional networking, referral follow-ups, and Search activities should be engaged for key positions. To build a positive employer brand in the marketplace, every candidate should be evaluated quickly, accurately, and with a professional touch. Doing so will make a long term recruitment process most effective.

Candidate and recruiter feedback is important for recruitment success! Candidates should receive receipt of their application, some initial feedback including possible next steps. Possible fit candidates should be invited to an initial 15 minute interview with the recruiter who can evaluate them more fully. Early positive professional contact with candidates sets a positive professional tone to be amplified throughout the recruitment process.

REMEMBER CANDIDATES ARE INTERVIEWING YOU AND YOUR ORGANIZATION TOO! It is always better to have candidates interested in moving forward with you and not pursue them than to hope to hire someone whose interest has waned. The best way to keep interest high is to provide timely and accurate feedback with a positive bent.

Start with an initial 20 minute interview with the candidates you’d like to consider. OVERVIEW: Start by introducing yourself and talk about the work to be done and then asked the candidate how their background, experience and abilities could help them accomplish this work. Probe the answers to gauge depth of experience and capabilities. If mutual interest exists invite the candidate to a more detailed phone interview with the team or in for of face-to-face visit.

The candidate has already had a good first impression of the organization through the initial interviews with the recruiter and the manager. The face-to-face interview should be coordinated to obtain the best information on the candidate’s ability to do the job and be a good employee. To make a good hire you must identify candidates that can do the work, will do the work and be a good employee.

Meet with others on the interview team to decide what to do next. KEY POINTS: Do you think the candidate can do the job and add value to the organization? Having a list of the tasks for the job and notes about the ability and interest of the candidate will make this decision making more accurate. By focusing on a candidate’sability to do the work rather than on a candidate’s ability to win the job is an important step in making good hires. Your recruiter can help with the decision making process and should be contacted if you are on the fence.

If you decide the candidate is a good fit at this point, reference and background checks need to be done.

PeopleStaff is a specialist recruitment and placement firm with deep expertise in the placement of PeopleSoft / Oracle / Fusion  related talent since 1994 and Software Sales, Customer Success, Solution Consulting and related talent since 2013. Our expertise helps hiring managers and candidates make better better matches, better decisions, saves time and money too. For work outside of our focused areas we manage work flow through an extensive network of over 1000 American recruiting firms to offer hiring managers fresh talent and opportunities to job seekers.

Onboarding is an extension of recruiting. The candidate may need additional touches to help them work through their resignation process with their old job and a good start with the new job.  A good start to a new hire can set the tone for high performance and satisfied expectations from both the candidate and the manager.